Take A Stand - Ban Bullying

By Jasmine Walker

The Jersey City Public Schools are committed to a safe & supportive Learning atmosphere for all students.  Harassment, intimidation or bullying students or staff will simply not be tolerated.  "Harassment, intimidation or bullying" means any gesture or written, verbal, physical act or an electronic communication that is:

1. Perceived as motivated by an actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, color, religion, gender, a mental, physical or sensory disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin or by any other distinguishing characteristic;

2. Takes place on school property or a school sponsored function or school bus that disrupts the operation of the school or rights of other students.

October 7-11, 2013, is the designated "Week of Respect" in New Jersey. Please be aware that every school in the district has a School Safety Team that is headed by the Principal & the Anti-bullying Specialist.  The Anti-bullying Specialist, Mr. Louis DeCarlo (ldecarlo@jcboe.org) is the conduit to reduce the number of bullying incidents. This week students will learn through a variety of activities about the importance of preventing bullying throughout the district.  I urge parents to please get involved with the school's effort, and learn more about the activities planned.

If you witness an incident of harassment, intimidation and bullying by a student of any child, please take a stand and follow the following procedures:

1. Report it verbally to the school Principal, John J. Rivero (PS#5), on the same day of the incident.  It can also be reported in writing within two school days of the incident to the principal.

2. The Principal will inform the parents or guardians of all students involved in the incident and may discuss counseling or other intervention services.

All incidents reported will be handled in a confidential manner but will be taken serious.  Again, the goal of the school is to provide a safe, supportive learning environment for all students to prosper with their education.