PTA Meeting Minutes - 9/17/13

Dr. Michael Conti Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm on Monday September 17, 2013 by President Felicia Noth.


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PTA Business : 

Current PTA balance: $2,257

Afterschool Activities:

We’ll be able to offer several afterschool programs to our students this year. We’ll ask for a suggested donation of $5 per session/student; the minimum participation fee will be $2/session/student.

We’ll publish the complete program schedule on our PTA website, Facebook page and we’ll send out registration forms to the grades accordingly, as soon as possible. Classes are supposed to start the week of October 21, 2013.

Here a brief overview of classes offered:

-        Arts & Crafts

-        Comic book drawing class

-        Yoga

-        Arabic dance

-        Sports/gym class by the Department of Recreation (This class will be free.)

In order to offer more classes to our students we need to raise more funds or need volunteers, who are willing to teach classes or workshop (e.g. holiday decorations) for free. We are happy about any suggestions and help with afterschool activities. Please contact Tine Pahl at or for volunteer opportunities.

The new CASPER facilitators Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Boodoosingh (both teachers at our school) will work with us to coordinate the participation of students signed up for CASPER in afterschool activities.


Siohban Nestor ( is the chair of our fundraising committee. As of now we have the following fundraising activities planned:

-        Bake sale at 4th St. flea market

-        Halloween party (No kids – evening event)

-        Chocolate lollipop sale for Valentine’s day

We are looking for new ideas and need volunteers to help with these activities. Without fundraising we wouldn’t be able to offer any afterschool activities. Please contact Siobhan.

Addy Squires:

Addy has been the right hand of our PTA president Felicia Noth. Addy has been working on the Parent Resource Room (Room # 103A) and is also a member of the School Leadership Committee. Please contact Addy or for:

-        How to get involved in the PTA

-        Volunteer opportunities general

-        Translation help (PTA newsletter etc. translated in languages spoken within our school community)

Angela Rivera:

Angela was the parent representative on the Principal Selection Committee.  As a long-time parent and family member of PS5 students, she’ll bring a lot of experience to the table and will help us to better integrate all grades and to get more parents from different grade levels involved.


We are working on a new PS5 PTA website. Please visit You can make donations to the PTA through the website. Also, please use the AMAZON link on our site. We receive up to 8% of the purchase amount from Amazon.

Please sign-up to become a PTA member and don’t forget to renew your membership every year. The membership fee is $5/year. $4 go to the National PTA, $1 remains with the PS5 PTA.

School Business:

We were happy to welcome Heather Martindale, Director of Family and Community Engagement for the district to our meeting.  Please learn more about Mrs. Martindale and her vision at:

She can be reached at

Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.