PTA Minutes - 1.13.14

Dr. Michael Conti Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 5.45 pm on Monday January 13, 2014 by President Addy Squires.

Attendance: See sign in sheet

PTA Business:

Introduction of new PTA officers (voted by PTA Board in last meeting)

  • Addy Squires = President 
  • Claudia Rosario = Vice President
  • Yahaira Castro = Correspondence Secretary

Election of new PTA treasurer:

  • Silvia Santiago, appointed and confirmed by members of the PTA board.

PTA account balance as of 1/2/2014: $9,870.28


The chocolate lollipop sale was a great success.  An electronics drive is coming up:  We’ll receive money from this company who is collecting old cell phones, printer cartridges etc.  The magnet sale is still going on.  Lots of local businesses are supporting our PTA.

“Screens off” week

The PTA is planning a screens off week in Aril (3rd week of April). 

Hopefully in cooperation with the school we’d like to promote a week of activities away from all screens (TV, computers, videogames etc.)

The PTA is intending to participate in the NJ PTA “reflections” program, a cornerstone arts program, starting in September 2014.  Please see this website for more information:

The PTA would like to sponsor another teacher appreciation event in the spring semester of 2014.

We are working on meeting  the criteria to become a National PTA School of Excellence (application due in May):

One of our Parents: Sara Wolfe volunteers to work on improving CASPER. 

School Business:

Introduction of Vice Principle Dr. LeMonica

He grew up in Jersey City and now lives in Essex County.  He is married with two kids.  Before joining PS 5, he taught at a middle school and served the the board of education fro several years.  He is particularly interested in improving the communication at PS 5.  He can be reached at:

Meeting was adjourned at 6.30 pm.