October General Meeting Minutes

Dr. Michael Conti PS5 PTA General Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8:45 am on October 27, 2015 in the PS5 Parent Resource Room by President Cory Seminowicz.

Quorum was reached. See attendance sheet.


  • This is our first morning meeting and it is just a pilot to see if we can catch some new people and it looks like we have.
  • After School Programs have started. Stay tuned for information about the spring offerings.
  • If you haven’t become a PTA Member, please do. It is a $5 membership fee and $1 of it goes to our PTA. You are welcome to donate more if you’d like and it will go directly to our PTA.


On Friday, November 13 at 6pm in the PS5 Auditorium there will be a family movie night showing Inside Out. We need volunteers to help: sell tickets (suggested donation only), get items donated for the raffle, sell raffle tickets, clean up, on-site help on the night of the event, etc. If you’re interested in helping please contact us at: jerseycityps5pta@gmail.com


  • PS5 stickers around town are local business supporters. If you know of a local business that would like to support us for a $20 donation or more, please contact us at: jerseycityps5pta@gmail.com
  • Other fundraising ideas include: new tables in the cafeteria, new lockers for the 3rd floor, sound equipment in the auditorium, and electronic board scrolling with upcoming events
  • Discussed teacher appreciation ideas including: dinners on the report card night, chair massages, etc.
  • There are lots of ways to support the PTA, see http://ps5pta.com/donate/ 

School Scoop

Jenn Dickinson, parent of a Pre-K 3 student, shared about the healthy initiatives along with Alison Kepic and Steve Willet. The final training is in early November and then they will be writing a great. They are considering the options for healthy initiatives needed at PS5. There is also a food service conference coming up in early November. They would like feedback from parents about the food for school breakfast and lunch. Send your thoughts to jerseycityps5pta@gmail.com by WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH.

Closing Remarks and Reminders

  • Review of committees.
  • Parent Resource Room is available for parents anytime during school hours.
  • We need help with bulletin boards. 
  • There is a suggestion box in the office or email the PTA if you have suggestions.
  • Mr. Markman will have an exhibit at City Hall on Friday, October 30.

The meeting was ajourned by the President at 9:45 am.