Advocacy Team Action Item!

Our Schools Desperately Need and Deserve More Funding!! Here’s what you can do about it…

The PS5 Advocacy Team is launching an email campaign to make it known to all members of the Jersey City “City Council” that we demand they take action to resource our schools.

Key Facts You Need to Know
The Jersey City School District currently falls $100 million short of adequately funding our schools. And that number is going to INCREASE over the next seven years due to changes in NJ state aid to schools.

If we don’t start raising more local funding for schools, we will be underfunding our schools by $212 million (in today’s dollars).

Because of various state and local laws, structures, and taxation agreements, raising new LOCAL money to better fund our schools is a major challenge.

Bill S2581, a payroll tax bill (crafted by State Senator Sandra Cunningham) that would require employers (NOT employees) to pay up to a 1% tax toward ONLY our schools, was passed by the state and is going before our City Council for approval.

The city has three options with this bill: 
1) pass the bill at the 1% rate; 
2) pass a reduced version of tax - anywhere from .01-.99%; or 
3) not pass it at all.

The Call To Action
As concerned citizens, parents, teachers, administrators, and residents of Jersey City, we need to take action and ensure that our City Council puts the interests and welfare of our children FIRST in this matter.

The situation is dire.. and the business community should not be the only voice weighing in on this important issue.

We are asking all concerned citizens who care about this issue to: 
• Send an email to the city council representative for your “ward.” 
• Send a separate email to each of the three at-large council members.

What Should the Email Say
Here are some bullets that could help you craft an email. 
• We can no longer sit our hands as our schools lose state aid. We must start to fund our schools locally.
• We are already seeing cuts in middle and high school sports programs, cuts to faculty and staff, and less supplies and textbooks for our children. 
• Our kids not getting not being able to go outside for recess because there is not enough staff to monitor them. 
• Our kids running out of safe drinking water. 
• (Feel free to share personal stories how a lack of funding has affected you.)
• If you don’t act now, things will only get worse and the city to needs to put our children first!
• Urge each council representative to vote YES on the bill to fund the FULL 1%.

Please act now! 
Attached is a word document with this info- contains a sample email and Ward/Councilperson info. WORD DOCUMENT