Advocacy Team Action Item!

Our schools desperately need and deserve more local funding!! Here’s what you can do about it…

The PS5 Advocacy Team is launching an email campaign to make it known to all members of the Jersey City “City Council” that we demand they take action to resource our schools- in THIS budget cycle!

Key Facts You Need to Know:

The Jersey City School District currently falls $100 million short of adequately funding our schools. And that number is going to increase over the next seven years due to changes in NJ state aid to schools. The cuts are HERE.

If we don’t start raising more local funding for schools, we will be underfunding our schools by $212 million (in today’s dollars). We need a meaningful plan to ensure that any surplus funds to the city, that any cost savings from City Hall, that any recaptured dollars from breached development deals, should be allocated in full to the schools. We need action, and ideas to generate revenue for our schools.

It is time for the City to get off of the sidelines and become an active and willing participant in leading this charge. Starting now- as they set this budget cycle!

The Call To Action:

As concerned citizens, parents, teachers, administrators, and residents of Jersey City, we need to take action and ensure that our City Council puts the interests and welfare of our children first in this matter.

We are asking all concerned parents and residents who care about this issue to:

  • Send an email to the city council representative for your “ward.”

  • Send a separate email to each of the three at-large council members.

Email Tips:

Send individual emails addressed directly to each councilperson.

  • Copy the assistant for the representative who you are emailing.

  • When emailing a Council-at-Large representative, also copy your ward representative.

  • When emailing your Ward representative, copy the council-at-large.

  • Copy the Mayor and his assistant on all the emails

What Should the Email Say:

Below is a template email you can use- feel free to edit and make it your own!

“Dear [Insert Councilperson’s Name Here],

Thank you for your service to our City. It’s a difficult, and undoubtedly thankless, job much of the time. I’m grateful that you have dedicated your time and energy to making our city even better for all of its residents.

As a resident of Jersey City, I am very concerned about the dire state of funding for our Jersey City Public Schools. Our schools are in crisis. The State of New Jersey has cut our adjustment aid, which is coupled with a $100 million local funding shortfall. Our schools can’t escape this crisis unless the City becomes a willing participant in addressing it.

Our schools desperately need local funding. They need it now. And you need to act.

A major reason our schools are in this disastrous position is because the Jersey City tax base was pilfered through excessive and irresponsible abatements which allowed money to bypass the school tax levy. You have finally corrected this egregious abatement and PILOT problem going forward, but that correction does not fill the funding void that has been left.

Therefore, you are responsible for helping secure a better future for our schools, especially through this challenging period. Whether that’s from recaptured abatement taxes, Port Authority revenue, or simple allocation from the general budget, it is time to work toward filling in the funding void that has been left by the city.

We are focused on ensuring that the entire city government gets on board with making our schools as important as the pavers you’ll pay for, or the shiny new digital kiosks downtown, or the towering glass edifices that now line the waterfront.

As a parent, a resident, a taxpayer, and a voter...I want to see that Jersey City values and invests in its schools. I implore you to put the interests of our children and our community first.

Thank you again for your dedicated service to Jersey City.


We must be vigilant, diligent, and consistent if we’re going to make sure our politicians start taking ownership of ensuring our kids and teaches have access to the resources they need!

Please act now!

(see below for City Council contact information)

Council President - Rolando R. Lavarro, Jr. (201) 547-5268

Aide: Talita Elizeu

(201) 547-5458

Councilwoman at Large - Joyce E. Watterman (201) 547-5134/5108

Aide: Kia Deadwyler

(201) 547-5108

Councilman at Large - Daniel Rivera (201) 547-5319

Aide: Kevin Duron

(201) 547-5363

Ward A Councilwoman - Denise Ridley (201) 547-5098/5060

Aide: Barbara Stamato

(201) 547-5060

Neighborhood: Greenville

Ward B Councilwoman - Mira Prinz-Arey (201) 547-5092/5101

Aide: Lekendrick Shaw

(201) 547 5101

Neighborhood: West Side

Ward C Councilman - Richard Boggiano (201) 547-5159/5172

Aide: Angelica Sanchez

(201) 547-5172

Neighborhood: Journal Square

Ward D Councilman - Michael Yun (201) 547-6817

Aide: Vernon Richardson

(201) 547-6817

Neighborhood: Heights

Ward E Councilman - James Solomon (201) 547-5315

Aide: Laura Bustamante

(201) 547- 5283

Neighborhood: Downtown

Ward F Councilman - Jermaine D. Robinson (201) 547-5338/5361

Aide: Asheenia Johnson

(201) 547-5361

Neighborhood: Bergen-Lafayette

Mayor Steven M. Fulop (201) 547-5200